How to upload data from android folder

Due to the recent odk update I can’t upload the data directly from the android app (already reported to them) and had to copy the folder from the android system to my computer. I need to upload the xml data to the kobo server and couldn’t find how to do this here.

Have you gone through our support article Manually Uploading Submissions? It should help you solve your issue.

This errors pops out


@ricardopmarinho, maybe you are trying to upload a huge file. If this is the case, then you could see this error message. What is the current file size you are trying to upload?

The zip size is 121Mb but it is full of pictures. Can I just upload the xml file?

Is this file size from only 1 device or is it from more than 1 device?

Just one device. There is a lot of information in the form

How many submissions (records) are there currently in the device?

Just one, but is a bigger one

Which server are you working on?

I sent you a direct message with the server name

@ricardopmarinho, does your submission also have images and files?

It has images

@ricardopmarinho, could you also privately share with us your ZIP file so that we should be able to try it at our end?

Sure, how can I do that? I can’t send a zip over a direct message

Maybe you could share it with us through your google drive link privately. You could send us a private message as discussed in our previous post:

@ricardopmarinho, have you also tried using the ODK Briefcase to upload the data to the server as outlined in our post discussed previously?

I’ve followed the tips but couldn’t upload the data yet

@ricardopmarinho, maybe it’s because of the huge file size. Would you mind trying to upload a smaller file size?

Can I split a submission in smaller ones? I have just one big submission file to send