How to use an Excel table with data about coordinates and location in Kobotoolbox

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First question, I hope I am not in the wrong category

Is it possible to create an Excel table with coodinates, countries, cities for already known location point, and to extract some information with some question

Like that, during the collect of arthropods in the field, just by indicating where the collect happened with a named point, every informations about the country, the city and the coordinates (Latitudes and Longitudes) appear automatically in choosen question.

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Hi @clemdegraaf,

Welcome to the community! Are you looking for something that has already been discussed earlier:

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Thank You Kal_Lam,
I am going to work on that

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Hi, can you display the selected Country into the Searchbox of GeoPoint. Thanks

Welcome to the community, @jlagod! Could you describe your issue with a sketch, if possible? That should help the community understand your issue pictorially.