How to use other. specify in repeat group

Hi family,
Thank you so much for all the support to make me better understand the xls and kobo.
I have Challenge in a repeat group base on multiple choice options, where I asked respondent to specify within a multiple select,. so in the follow up questions I want to call the name of the specify just as I was able to call for the other option.
For example, currently it asked "What was the value of your sale of “other” . So i want to replace the other to something that they have specify.
I have read through all the tutorial but could not resolve my issue.

Kindly help me out.
Still Sumation checks_multiple response.xlsx (11.6 KB)

God bless you.

@Sham_me, maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Hi Kal-lam,
I am very gratiful for the feed back though that is not exactly what I wanted.

Now based on the xls_form you share, I have other another option for other at the choice(Row7) and added another variable called specify in the survey(Row3). Now if the respondent pick other and specify, From Q2-Q4, I want the system to call the name captured at specify. so for example, if i chose other in Q1 and crop6 in the specify field. The remaining question should filter the “crop6” so that when you are asking those question it will not read like “Amount of fertilizer used for other?”
I rather want it this way; “Amount of fertilizer used for crop6?”

With your permission i will like to share the modified xls form for your understanding.
Household (Count) Repeat Example.xlsx (27.6 KB)

Thank you I am most grateful.

Hi Family,
I have not still gotten an answer to this.
Thank you.