How to use select_one with dynamic data attachments?

Dear all,

Can I set up a child form in which there is a “select_one” or “select_multiple” question in which the OPTIONS in the drop down menu should be the RESPONSES to a question in the parent form?

In the explanatory page it implies that referencing the correct parent form in the child form has to be done through actively typing in the code. However I would like the user to be able to select the code using a select_one question. Is this possible? If so, how please (and what do I type in the “type”)? Or do I have to simply paste the potential results into “choices”?

Sorry if this is obvious or has already been answered - but I haven’t yet found anything which helps me to clarify this.


Welcome to the community, @E_Pynegar! Did you mean creating a drop-down option from Parent Project to Child Project or Child Project to Parent Project?

Thank you! I think the first. So the responses derived from a question in the parent project would be the options presented to the user to select from in the child project.