How to validate missing field in single click?

I have add missing calculation filed to existing form, show how we can do validate missing field in single click on existing data?
eg. screenshot highlight is old data which should have value KHM-CBT-XXXX

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@sophearom, do you wish to select all the blank cells from your DATA>Table?

I want to populate value from my existing value in choice. from ${LAstName} to DAT_Link field ( as you can see KHM-CBTXXXXX). new data enter is fine, but old data summited yesterday, is blank. what i do now just click edit and submit again, i will get value in DAT_Link. image

is there any trick to make it all in single batch?

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let me share you a xlsform. Test_choice.xlsx (17.8 KB)

So basically, you want to put a response in a question. For the new redeployment it is working smoothly but you are having issues managing the data that is already in the server. Is this your issue?

Yes you are correct.

Well in this case, you will have to do them manually (as your data is already in the server).

Thank you Kal_Lam.

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