How to validate that value enter in another field is equal to value in repeated group

Hi all ! i need help

i have something as this begin_repeat fields with number_of_Male| and number_of_Female based on previous field selected

i also have another field as age

my question is how to i ensure that, the total number of age value is equal with that of the total repeated group

here is what i have done

Welcome to the community, @benuklemi! Could you kindly please elaborate on your issue as it’s still not clear?

Please also note that I see you are in a nested repeat.

I did not understand the question correctly,
But you can add a calculated field after the repeat groups that contains a function as count(${nameOfRepeatGroup}) , sum(${repeatQuestion}),…etc

Hi @benuklemi!
I don’t understand clearly your need also.

Before stating your repeat group you can insert calculation of
nb of person (${male}+${female}), then use repeat-count to ensure that the total of repeating is egal to the total of person.

Thank you for the response

From this snapshot, i want to to sum all repeated enrolment by birth and all enrolment by age. and ensure that the total in the enrolment by Age matches with the total enrolment by Birth.

thank you in anticipation.

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