How to view all the projects and media uploaded by all other users

Hello Team

How to View All projects hosted in KOBO (there option to share and we can view but as admin can we view all the Surveys project hosted) ?

Click the project icon as shown in the image below, and you should be able to view all the survey projects within your user account.

Hello @Kal_Lam

Thanks for your help and here I was asking about how a admin can view all projects which are shared with admin ( self hosted server)

Hi @Mdkhamru
Ideally, when you log in as admin, you should see all your projects. Is this not the case when you try?


No, logging in as super_admin doesn’t give you access to all the projects.

@ks_1 you are definitely right about this

However, when you look at the original query, it can be construed that the projects have been shared with the admin. If that is the case, then the super admin log in would see projects shared with admin

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