Humanitarian server down?

I’m trying to download reports, but the downloads tab is not loading. And the overall site feels slow. Also, i pinged and had a 14% packet loss. TIME : 9:20 AM UTC

@paani, I don’t feel the slowness of the OCHA server at my end. Could you also check it with other sites please?

All other sites(Google sheets, Whatsapp web) are working well. Now kobo site is running well but the export is stuck at processing. Attaching a link to the screenshot → Screenshot-from-2021-05-31-15-14-33 — ImgBB

What is the size of your download (how many submissions does your download have)?

35,000 submissions. Around 2.2MB in size.

Well so maybe this could be a reason for the same. Would you mind downloading data for a small size that is available in your account to see if the same happens?

So I did that for a form with 70 submissions, and it was processed within seconds. Then I went back to see the above form with 35k submissions, and one of the export was processed.
I don’t think number of submissions was the problem, because I’ve exported form data with more file size with no issues.
Anyways looks like the problem is solved. Thanks for the prompt response. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thank you for confirming this.

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Hey @Kal_Lam, sorry to bother you but the same issue is arising once again. I exported the data of another form with 100 entries, its working fine. But when I export this particular form data, it gets stuck at around this time. I had exported the data 5 hours earlier and 17 hours earlier. It didn’t cause any problem at those times.

What are the total submissions it holds?

  1. But as I said, it didn’t cause any issues when I did it earlier

Still processing after 20 mins → Screenshot-from-2021-06-01-15-39-08 — ImgBB

@paani, is this an issue on the HHI server as said before?

This one.

OK. Let me know the total time it takes for you to download your data.

After I click on download, it takes seconds.