Humanitarian Server Issue

Hi all, as of July 18, I am able to deploy the form on the humanitarian server, but when I attempt to preview or open the form, I receive the error message included in the attached image: “TypeError: e.globalInit is not a function”. Enumerators haver reported the same problem.

I noted that when I uploaded and deployed the same XLS form in a seperate server, I did not receive any error. If you could kindly expedite your support and update me on the status of the server, it would be much appreciated, as data collection is ongoing.

Welcome to the community, @julia_taladay! This was a bug but has already been resolved. Could you kindly confirm to let us know if it’s resolved at your end too?


Thanks for your work on this! I can confirm that it has been resolved, thanks so much.




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@julia_taladay, thank you for confirming!