Humanitarian Server Slow


I would like to inquire about the recent issues we have been experiencing with the server. Our field teams have been facing difficulties in uploading finalized forms, and the process has been significantly delayed. Despite waiting for a week, the server’s performance remains slow, and we are unable to determine if this issue is specific to our team or if it affects the server as a whole.

Could you please provide me with information regarding this matter?

Thank you,
M. Rehan

Did the issue change in time for these teams and from the same area?
Did your field teams check their general internet performance?

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I am sitting in our main office where the internet is very fast. I myself am experiencing the delay issue (although not as extensive as in our field offices or sites) when I am submitting the form.
Many in the field face

“Please wait a few moments Reading form definition”

when they are opening the form for filling. Many have a lot of forms in their “Send Finalized Form” folder.

@rehanmaqbul, this could be due to the form size (the number of variables) you have at the moment and the media files, if that, too, is to be submitted to the server.

As a quick test, you could deploy a dummy project with 2-3 questions and try to submit it to the server to see how this behaves.

Thank Kal_Lam for your help. The issue is resolved. Yes the form has a lot of variables but it was working fine for the last 3 months. A few days back, I share my project with a few more people. I asked my field teams to reinstall the Kobo app on their mobile and now it is working fine. Thank you

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@rehanmaqbul, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: