Humanitarian server will not authenticate username

Hi, I have downloaded the Kobo Collect app and am trying to get a blank form. However when I try and connect to the humanitarian server, it keeps saying invalid username and password. I have tried changing my password and can login to my Kobo account online without any problem using the same login details, but it will not authenticate on the app. What is the issue please? Thanks

Are you able to login to your user account in the browser? This will let you know if you are using the correct username and password for your user account.

Yes I can login to my account fine, no problem and I even reset my password to make sure it was correct and it is, I can login thanks

Could you share with us a screenshot of the General Settings>Server from your Collect android app? This would give us a hint on how you have configured your Collect android app.

yes here it is thanks

The setting seems OK. Would you mind checking if your device is connected to the internet? Sometimes, users assume that they are connected with the internet but in fact their device are not connected.

If this does not help, would you mind retyping the username and password again under your General Settings>Server. Sometimes there might be a typo error in your password input.

Yes I have tried all of that now again and its still not working - but I am still able to login to my user account online. The password isn’t the problem its correct and I have tried both wifi and mobile data, both are connected but its still not working for some reason

So what is the error message that you get? Could you kindly share if you see any?

when I click on Get Blank Form this is the message I get when it tries to connect to the server

Ah, i finally got your issue! I made a quick check and came to know that you are using the wrong server setting. Your user account is not in the OCHA server (i.e. instead its in the HHI server (i.e. Make the changes under the General Settings>Server and you should be able to sync your KoBoCollect android app with your KoBoToolbox user account.

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Yes that works thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for share the solution. I have a simple question: where is the “general settings” option? Is in Kobocollect or in the web site? I can´t find it


@ljaramonsalve, it’s in the Collect android app. To learn more on how to configure and get started please feel free to go through our support article:

i am having the same issue with logging in to get the url for the api , but it cant …am using a pc

@agricycle, could you also share with the community a screenshot if you are facing any error messages? That should be helpful for the community to understand your issue pictorially.