Humanitarian Server

Hello to all,

I’m still using Non-Humanitarian Server for my school data collection projects. Currently, I have a collection project that can exceed 10,000 submissions in a month.
My question is simple “Can I use “Humanitarian Server” in a free condition as it is meant for a humanitarian organization but I can’t?”

Thank you all

Hi @mami, the humanitarian server is dedicated to those working with humanitarian organizations. If you are not one working with the same, maybe it’s good for you to stay with the non-humanitarian server. This should help a humanitarian user to take good use of the account created with a humanitarian server. However, you could upgrade your non-humanitarian server to a paid account if you wish to exceed the threshold provided by the account. For this, please reach us at

Thank you for your kind understanding!

Thank you @Kal_Lam ,

But I would like to know the threshold limit of 10,000 submissions for the “Non-Humanitarian Server” is counted by number of submissions per project in a month or by total number of submissions of projects in an account in a month?

Thank you for your answer.

It’s the total number of submissions per account in a month.

thank you very much

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