Hyperlink formular not working

I tried using the hyperlink formula for adding attachments to Xls file. When I use this (cut and paste) =HYPERLINK(“https://kc.humanitarianresponse.info/attachment/original?media_file=username/attachments/”&A2”) and edit the username and cell number, excel says the formula is wrong.

When I type in the formula myself excel says it has identify an error in the formula and wants to correct it, when I accept, the hyperlink is created but the link does not take me to the attachments even though an logged in on my default browser. I observed that the hyperlink created after accepting excel suggestion is different from the above. For example, the “?” after original is deleted.
Please help

Hi @RayRay,

Would you mind trying this out that has been discussed in the previous post (it should solve your issue):

Have a great day!

I tried the new formula and it did not work for me.

Hi @RayRay

Please copy the generated text and paste in your browser. That should work.

I’m still trying to find a formula that will work on clicking but I keep getting the same challenge. Once I find a way, I’ll update the thread.

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Hi @RayRay,

Here’s the update.

Seems like the issue is with Microsoft Office suite handling Internet transitions. There’s a fix online I just found but it involves editing your registry. Please be careful if you plan to implement this.


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Hi @funmitoblessed
Thanks for the help. The copy and paste worked.

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Thanks for this. I don’t think I want to edit my registry. I would manage with either the copy and paste or I would download the attachments as a zip file.