I also have the same issue of unlocalizable text

I also have the same issue of unlocalizable text.
Pls help give advice how to solve it.
I am not sure because of lable reference from calculation function or what other issues.

Welcome to the community, @ChenChen! Did you validate your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator should help you identify syntax issues that is affecting your deployment.

Yes, I did test but there are 2 cases happened.

  1. I design 2 languages label form and set Khmer (km) as a default language and it appears the error message as shown in the attached files.

  2. After I remove 2-language label design, it works smoothly but the form cannot be deployed because of a thousands of variables to be surveyed (around 4K variables). Please help give me advice how I should cope with those issues. Thank you in advance for your quick support.

  1. Can you try to add Khmer labels also to the meta data in your survey sheet (might be English text even)?
  2. Can you test the issue with a much shorter extract of your form?
  3. Check, please, where you have ::English labels but no Khmer translation, and add Khmer texts there.