I am getting empty rows in the database

Hi, I am getting empty rows in the database. The main criterion of the survey was that if the person answered that he/she agreed to answer, the questions automatically appeared, most of which were marked as obligatory. However, in the database it only appears that they accepted to answer but not the answers (this didn´t happen in all cases, since I do have completed surveys). What could be the problem?, is there any way to access them?

Welcome to the community, @paulina_gc! Would you mind sharing with the community a screenshot of the same so that the community should also understand your issue pictorially?

Hello @paulina_gc,
Did you change your form during data collection?
Can you give more details, please? Which cases are missing which data?
Do you have cases with consent = yes, but missind data in mandatory (required) variables?

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I did not make any changes to the form during the data collection.

The first question on the form was for consent, answering “yes” displayed all the questions, which there were some mandatory ones, so sending the empty form was impossible. We have several boxes that say “yes” but the whole form is empty. I contacted some people who filled out the form but their answers do not appear, as shown in the image below:





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Would you mind to share the related part of your form (incl. choice list for consent question).
The screenshot is not visibly clear. Is there always “si” or also “Si”?
Which of the questions/fields are mandatory?

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