I am not able to redeploy or deploy any form

HI Team,

I am facing an issue where I am not able to redeploy the updated form or even deploy a simple new form for trial, the error I am seeing is stating "If the Problem Persists contact help@kobotoolbox.org.

I know and have checked there is not issue with form design, as a simple new form also I am not able to deploy.
and it tries to deploy I see on the left bottom corner deploying in Kobocat.

I am trying to redeploy forms using python and as such it was working well but suddenly this error starts showing up.

sharing the screenshots as well for more understanding

Please help me resolve this issue.

@yogesh_dg, I request you to validate your XLSForm through this online validator to see if any syntax issues are hindering the deployment.

Hi Kal,
As stated there is no syntax error in the form and even with a simple new form I am facing the same issue.

Got it. Seems like you are on a self-hosted server. Maybe you will need to recheck your installation to see if the installation went right.

we are getting 504 - Gateway timeout error

API call: https://admin.odk-collect.digitalgreen.org/api/v2/assets/afGoPrxWtLjfNVkgBmH8of/deployment/

Form Data: active=true

Response: 504 Gateway Time-out

504 Gateway Time-out


Can we restart the Kobo without losing data we already have ?

@Kal_Lam I am from the same organization where @yogesh_dg is working.

I did inspect the network tab when we are facing the issue to deploy the form. Actually we are facing 504 - Gateway Timeout. Please find the request API: https://admin.odk-collect.digitalgreen.org/api/v2/assets/afGoPrxWtLjfNVkgBmH8of/deployment/

We have hosted Kobo-collect on our own server and i could see all the docker containers are running, but no exception logs.

  1. Can we restart the docker containers without losing the data ? If yes, is there any single command using which i can restart the

  2. How to fix this error permanently ?

Please clarify on the above… Thanks