I am stuck in a login loop

Hello I am having a similar problem but this time with a private kobotoolbox instance. I am stuck in a login loop. When I put in the correct username and password, it just redirects me back to the same error page without any error message.

@elijahokello, you will need to contact your system admin if it’s a private instance. Your system admin maybe able to look into it and resolve your issue.

I am actually the system admin. I am trying to deploy a private instance but the deployment can’t allow people to login. When I input a correct user name and password, it accepts the input but then it just redirects back to the login page.

So during the installation I followed these steps GitHub - kobotoolbox/kobo-install: A command-line installer for setting up and running KoBoToolbox on a remote server or local computer, using kobo-docker. to create a private instance of kobotoolbox.

But after doing everything, i move on to login but I only get redirected back to the same login screen even after putting in the right credentials