I am trying to do something similar in my questionnaire (hiding choices from the previous questions)

Hi @Kal_Lam,
I am trying to do something similar in my questionnaire.

I am very close, but can’t make it work fully. Could you please help, kindly?
Here is the situation:
I have a multiple choice question that asks: On which items did you spend your money? It has many options:
Hygiene items
Health costs (including medicines)
Building work (e.g. rehabilitation, extension, materials)
Firewood / Fuel for cooking or heating
Clothes / shoes
Phone calling credit
Assets for a livelihood activity (e.g seeds, tools, farming, fishing, petty trade etc)
Education (e.g. school fees, uniform, books)
Debt repayment
Saved some money
Gave some to other family members / relatives / friends

The respondents can choice as many options as they find relevant. It is mandatory to select at least 3 options.

I have select one question that asks: On which items did they most of their money.
Here I need all options that were selected in Step-1.

I have another select one question that asks on what did they second most of their money?
In this question, I need all remaining options that was not selected in Step-2.

Like wise Step-3, it is select one question that: On which did they spend third most of their money? Here, I need all remaining options that were not selected in Step-3.

I am good since Step 2. But I am stuck in Step-3 and 4. Could you please have a kind look in the attached xls. form kindly? Thanks in advance.
WFP DRR PDM Questionnaire_Kobo.xlsx (12.2 KB)

Analog to step 2, you can use not( selected …) or name != … in the expression for step 3.

Using the search function of this forum, please, can provide examples. e.g. Search results for 'hide options selected before' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.

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Thanks Wroos for your kind suggestions. I will try accordingly.

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