I am unable to pull data

I am unable to pull data

An error msg is coming

Welcome to the community, @Nijara2023! Could you check your server to see if the CSV file has been uploaded successfully to the server? If yes, please also deploy/redeploy your survey project as needed.

Thanks for the response .
It was uploaded perfectly.
I tried this many times. But still the error msg is coming

@Nijara2023, maybe try sharing your CSV file with the community to see if there are any formating issues there?

Sorry for the late reply. I am still stuck in this stage. Please suggest some way

list.csv (295 Bytes)

@Nijara2023, I see some variable naming issues here. Like Sub-District and Land-Mark. Maybe you must use them as Sub_District and Land_Mark. If updating this still does not work, feel free to share your XLSForm with the relevant section. The community should be able to help you identify the issue.

Thanks a lot Sir. It is working now.

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