I am unable to update (edit) the filled up submissions in Collect android app after updating the recently deployed form

I see that my colleague also met this problem. They use the old version form to fill out and then they try to submit. But they are not able to edit or take the interviewed data to fill out in the new form. So, Can we take information back?

How do we take information from this unsent form?

I either met this problem too. I could not do any action on it. I would like to edit or copy information or data from this unsent form. Can I do?

Welcome to the community, @meas_viphou! Do they use the Collect android app or do they use the webform Enketo?

Thank you. They are using the Kobo Collect (android app).

@meas_viphou, seems like I understood you halfway. Correct me if my understand was wrong:

  • A form was deployed.
  • Enumerators started collecting data in KoboCollect android app.
  • The form was updated and redeployed.

Could you add what happened then? These details should be helpful for us to troubleshoot your issue.

The third point which you described above is my point. However, I was a few questionnaire made. I have already asked my enumerator interview again. In case the form was updated and redeployed, it would be great if the enumerator could revisit their form and then just replicate some necessary data to the new update form. But we could not do so far.

@meas_viphou, when you update a quesiton in a survey form and then redeploy it in the server the enumerators will need to manually update the blank forms to their device manually (or it could also be automatically) depending upon the settings made in the app. However, regarding the newly added questions, the questions will only appear in the new form version of the blank forms (in the ap). For those old forms, you will need to update them via the server.

Thank you for your support

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