I can not delete my project

Hi dears,

i tried to delete the project, i tried many many times until all data deleted but the project did not delete.

any suggestion?!!!

Many thanks.

Hi there, welcome aboard!

Can I just check, which method are you using to delete the project? It is possible to delete submissions without deleting the project as a whole.

The way I delete my projects is by going into ‘settings’ and clicking the red button that says ‘Delete project and data’; doing that generally works for me. Are you perhaps trying a different way?

FYI here is the help documentation re deleting: http://support.kobotoolbox.org/en/articles/592439-deleting-a-project

Good luck!

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I’ve tried this way before, and as I tell you, I data was deleted but the project did not…

Hi @rima_2019,

Could you share with us your screenshot of the project that does not get deleted so that we could suggest you accordingly. Else you may also reach us by sending a private message sharing the link to your project.

Is it still necessary to remove projects created in the new interface from both servers (legacy and new)? When I click the legacy icon in the left lower corner, I see the project but I do not see the delete option that is mentioned in the help article above when I click on the project name.

Hi @jblackman,

If you have deployed your survey form from the KoBoToolbox User Interface you will be able to see the projects in the Projects (legacy) as well. In this case if you delete your project from the KoBoToolbox User Interface, the same will not be seen in the Projects (legacy).

However, if you have deployed your survey form from the Projects (legacy), you won’t be able to see the deployed project through the KoBoToolbox User Interface. In this case, if you wish to delete the project, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Click to Projects (legacy).
  • A list of all the deployed projects are seen in the screen. Select the project you wish to delete.
  • You will see the Project Settings in the left top corner. Click to the Project Settings.
  • Select the red Delete button seen under the Delete project with all data and its form.

You should be able to delete your projects from the Projects (legacy) in this way.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I tested this, and removing a project from the KoBo Toolbox interface promptly removed it from the legacy interface as well. I would suggest updating the help article above on deleting a project, since it clearly states that all projects need to be manually removed from both spaces.

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