I can not export my data in Kobo

I have a problem. I need your support.
In fact, I can not export my data in Kobo. I want to export data in Excel but It has been alway processing. I re tried many times. I does not work.

Please, help! I am currently using ; kf.kobotoolbox.org

Welcome back to the community, @jeremie_modeste! This was an issue at our end (which has already been resolved): FYR:

Thanks kal lam for your support

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Hello dear Kal_Lam, i am actually facing the same issue in Kobo Humanitarian response. The fact is that, I can not export data, there is an export error message which appear when trying to download data from kobo.
Can you please help!


@jeremie_modeste, the issue has been resolved. You should now be able to download your data smoothly.

Good Morning,

On the humanitarianresponse.info server, when trying to export the information, it is too slow, I have been waiting for 30 minutes and it still does not generate the file in excel.

it stays in the processing state.

@cispmed, what is the total submissions for the project you are trying to download?