I can’t see some submissions among the reports

So I have been trying to use enketo as well as the app. All the forms submitted on the app have shown up in the report. However, those submitted using enketo are not showing up in the report section despite the number of submissions increasing to account for those sent using enketo.

Welcome to the community, @le_Fondre! Could you kindly share a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictorially?

in the top right corner, you can see there are 83 submissions. however, when i try to check for them, there are only 70 results in the filters.

These are the 70 that are showing. the other 13 forms were successfully submitted but that is the last we saw of them and they are all from one user.

@le_Fondre, what is the total number of submissions you see when you download your data (as XLS format)?

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