I cannot see any observation under particular variable

I cannot see one of the variables on the data table on Kobo, even though the question/variable is still listed on the form. When I download the data, the variable is listed but there is no observation for this variable. Does this mean that I’ve lost my data on this particular variable?

Welcome to the community, @mhorino! Are you able to see the missing variable when downloading the data in XLS format?

Actually, I found the variables with observations but they are in multiple different columns because the survey form was updated/changes during the data collection a few times. I had to manually check the columns, copy and paste them to create one column that represents the variable, which took me hours to do. Is there any ways that Kobo can create one column for one variable when downloading the data? If not, what is the best way to manage the data so that I can analyze the data easily?