I can't change variable names in questions

Good morning, my query is simple, when I want to change the name of the variable in the xlsform, then it lets me reload it but when I implement it, it leaves me with this error…
I proceed to leave a screenshot of the error and the xlsform where I change the name of the variable to one that suits me best.
At first the variable was called ${Denominaci_n_social} and now I want to change it to ${DenSoc}… below are the corresponding screenshots

You need to change also ALL ${ } references to this old name to the new name, e.g. in relevant, calculations, constraints, labels, messages. So best use search/replace for such name changes.

Attention: Avoid changing names during data collection, as this will internally create a new variable, and you will have the old and the new variable in different columns in table view, export (all versions), etc. When you change a name, existing values are not mapped to it!

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Thank you very much, if you use the “find and replace” option and now it works correctly.
Regarding the other thing you told me, I’m telling you that now I’m sending answers but as a test, what would be recommended in this case?.. that I eliminate all those test answers so that it doesn’t generate two columns, one with the name of the previous variable and another with the new variable?.. all within the framework of the test. excuse my English

After final testing you could save (export as XLS) and delete this form, or you could rename your form/project and archive it. Then you can start again with the final form: Check it with the online validator, upload, preview/retest, deploy).

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So after doing all the tests, I download the xlsform(final), delete the current form and create a new project and then load the xlsform(final)

Excuse my ignorance, it’s my first project in kobotoolbox and I don’t fully understand some things, in the validator that you gave me the “preview in browser” doesn’t work and then I don’t understand what I see in the following image that I will place

These (yellow) are just warnings. Groups must not have labels, e.g. if you use a grouping for coding (skip rule) and want to hide the group structure in the UI.
The Preview issue in the online validator is a temporary enketo server problem, see Online validator (ODK) - Preview not working (Server down?),

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this is a problem, almost all my groups have a label to be able to identify the content of it