I can't find the ID of the offline surveys in the downloaded excel

Hi everyone,

I collected data offline with Kobo a few months ago in a tablet, and at the end of each survey, I submitted it with a specific ID, because there were two groups of people collecting data. Now I’m trying to analyze the data and when I download the excel or csv file, I just have two columns about id (_id and _uuid) but neither is the one that I submitted at the end of each survey.

So, my question is, how can I match these ID with the ID uploaded from the tablets?
Sorry if this is a repeated question, I didn’t find the answer in the forum.

Thanks for advance


Welcome to the community, @melinafaing! Do you see the id under the table view on your server?

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Yes, this is the Kobocollect offline app. In this section, I can see the sent forms, with a specific ID ( for example “Encuesta_Chaco_Agosto22 CH01”). This ID was a requirement of the app at the end of the survey and I used it to identify each survey with its geolocation.

I attach the image (sorry, is in spanish)

But, when I try to find the same ID in the excel file, there is nothing with that name
I have these two columns “_id” and “_uuid” but I’m not sure how to associate that with my surveys.

Thank you again for advance!

@melinafaing, could you also share screenshots of the same so that we could understand your issue pictorially?

Hi! Sorry, I noticed that I replied to the previous message so I’m not sure If you received it. Just in case, I wanted to let you know that the pictures are in the other message! :slight_smile: