I cant share my project

Hi. I´m trying to share my project and I can´t do it. I followed all the instructions.: I create an account for my data collector, I entered to my account and shared the project with him. Then, I download the app Kobo Collect in my phone to see if it works. I entered the username, password and URL but it doesn´t work. The forms doesn´t apear. I don´t know what to do, maybe I´m using the wrong URL?

Welcome to community @claratrebucq,

Are both accounts in the same server?

Yes, I use “Researchers, Aid Workers & Everyone Else” for both of them.
I get this message in the app: “the server needs authentication. Invalid user or password”

Hi @claratrebucq,

Depending on your KoBoCollect App version, there are two articles that might solve your problem:

If the problem still exists please let the community know.

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Thanks, that help me fix the problem :grinning:

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