I can't watch the data of groups on the table view

Hi everyone!
We are trying to download the data of a form that use groups

But when we try to watch the data on table it’s no visible, however if we download the data with a couple of rows, I mean entries, it is visible

But if we download more data:

It’s impossible to visualize the other sheets

Please, help us!


Kindly please be informed that data from the repeat groups is not visible in the custom report nor is it visible in the view-table-data. It’s only visible while downloading the data in the xls format.

However, there is already a features request and maybe you could VOTE to make it a reality in the upcoming days:

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Okay, but the problem is when we download a lot of data, I can’t watch the groups.
Just if we download a couple of data we can watch the groups.

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Could you share with us a sample so that we could better understand your situation. Maybe a sample of your dataset in xls format. If you feel it should be treated confidentially, please feel free to share it through a private message.

Hi @SebastianZ,

Seems like you issue is solved. Could you kindly explain so that the community could benefit from the response provided for the same.

I am not sure, but we just add some new questions on the form, after that it started to work!

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Thank you for updating and also sharing on how it started to work.

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