I could not find some of the surveys uploaded by my RAs


This is Sujirtha. I have used the KObotoolBox to collect data remotely.
Now I could not find some of the surveys uploaded by my RAs. Could you please help me to rectify this?

Hi Kal_Lam,
I used KOBOcollect to collect data for my studies. However, The summited data in July 2023 early time was missing (possibly 50). Could you please help me to recover those data?

best regards,

Welcome to the community, @nsuji3! Could you also let us know how you identified the missing case from the server? It may also be a scenario where the enumerators’ submissions (from the app) have not been submitted to the server due to incompleteness. Would advise you to make a quick check on all the devices first to ensure that the submissions have been sent to the server.

Many thanks for getting back. My RAs have submitted in the data from the link ( shared link) from their phone. They also have app in their android. Die to the unstable internet they chose the link. Even after submission, they had the green note that the submissywas successful. The same way they have submitted before. However, the early July data has not been in the server.
Pls help me to get retrieve.


@nsuji3, would you mind checking their browsers as outlined in this support article Manually Uploading Submissions to see if there are any pending submissions there?

Hi Kal_Lam
Thanks for the response. I visited the page. While following the steps, the “export” click is inactive, and I am unable to find the "alternativedownload-online " link . Could you please help me?

@nsuji3, we will need a screenshot of your issue so that we can understand it pictorially.