I created matrix question but after deployment rows are in disorder what is the cause?

for This example total supposed to be at the bottom , and now it is in the middle , how can i fix this ?

In order to assist you:

  1. Kindly share the XLS file that you used to create this matrix question
  2. Confirm the procedure you had used to create the matrix and if this very matrix had worked before?
  3. Confirm the server on which your project is located?


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I just built the form online , but when i tried to preview i found that they are in disolder
aN4xuxwktk2DcbnpqMysr2.xlsx (78.9 KB)

Hi @adminpro
I also noticed you started two different topics on the same issue. To get the best support, try consolidating your issues within one topic.

When I look at yoru XLS form on a preview, I dont see this issue at all. Coul dyou try previewing your form without editing it again on form builder.


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@adminpro, we have a GitHub issue for this bug, which you should be able to follow it here:

I will reach you out when the same is resolved.