I downloaded the same form on a tablet with Android version 6…but I cannot download it on a tablet with an Android version 5

Bonjour j’ai rencontré des problèmes au niveau de téléchargement de formulaire vierge sur mon tablette…je tient à signaler que j’ ai téléchargé le même formulaire sur un tablette avec un Android version 6…mais je n’arrive pas à télécharger sur un tablette avec un Android version 5…

Welcome to the community, @Vonizaka! Could you also let the community know the Collect Android App version you are using that works with Android 6 and that does not work with Android 5? These details should also help troubleshoot your issue.

My tablette android version is 5
This version run with MOBILE PHONE VERSION ANDROID 6

i will send you the capture of error message

@Vonizaka, your KoboCollect Android App seems to be outdated. Could you kindly update it to the latest version through the play store? Updating the app should also solve most of the bugs. Let us know what happens when you update your Collect Android App.