I get a strange message when I open the preview of my form, can anyone help me

When I ask for a preview of the form, I get this message in red. it tells me to send an email to support@example.org. this seems like a strange emailaddress to me. is it a hoax? when I go on, I can enter the preview and make a print, etc.

I have changed the be’e to bee in the form, but it keeps coming up with this message. When I download a XLS form, the code qi4uw68 is not in the form. This question has a different code.

FormLogicError: Could not evaluate: selected( /model/instance[1]/data/group_qi4uw68/Oinsa_itaboot_assesu_ba_bee_mo , ‘Kanaliza_husi_be’e_matan_komunidade’), message: The expression is not a legal expression. (line: undefined, character: undefined)

Hi @hilly_bouwman,

Welcome to the community! Could you kindly please share with us a screenshot of what you see at your end. This would help us understand your issue.

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Schermafbeelding 2020-07-30 om 17.05.01.png

O sorry, it is in Dutch, but it mentions that there is an error while loading the questionnaire. It is recommended not to use the questionnaire for data entry until it is solved.
Contact support@example.org using the link to this form and the description of the error:

this is probably a syntax error in a relevant or calculation cell, like missing comma, invalid character, spelling etc. Inside a group with the name group_qi4uw68
Maybe you can also test your form here: https://getodk.org/xlsform/

After some more test: It should work after you removed the ’ in the choices name (you can keep it in the label). ’ is not allowed in names, see http://xlsform.org/en/#the-choices-worksheet:

Names have to start with a letter or an underscore. Names can only contain letters, digits, hyphens, underscores, and periods. Names are case-sensitive.
This rule is defined for the survey tab, but I trust also valid for the choices tab. (@Kal_Lam might verify)

Unfortunately XLSForm Online is not checking this for choices names!
It only checks the names in the survey tab, giving an error like this:

Error: [row : 4] Invalid question name [WallElement’01] Names must begin with a letter, colon, or underscore.Subsequent characters can include numbers, dashes, and periods.

A workaround could also be putting the **.be’s …" inside “. . .” (instead of single ‘…’), but I would not recommend it, as still the name rule is not followed.)
Here is an example: ChoiceNames01.xlsx (14.6 KB).

The issue may happen esp. with FormBuilder, when a hyphen in a choice label is automatically transformed in a name of this choice.


Hi @hilly_bouwman,

If you still have issues kindly please feel free to share your xlsform with the community.

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