I have a error 'java.lang.Stringjava.io.File.getName()' when i try to submit data

When i tring to submit data my all previus colected data was lost and i tried again and again same problem.

The app showing
reference Error saving recovery point : Attempt to invoke virtual method java.lang.String java.io.File.getName ( ) ’ on a null object “”

I need to know how to fix this issue. Please help me

Welcome to the community, @Phoebe! Could you also share with the community a screenshot of your issue? This should also help investigate your issue and understand it pictroally.

this is my error. what is the reason for this error

It seems like you are using the Collect android app. Is this an issue with only a single device, or are you having the same issue with other devices too? In either case, could you also let us know the following:

  • Android OS version
  • Device name
  • Collect android app version

These details should also be helpful for us to investigate your issue.