I have deleted these emojis so the form work now but I still need to download the surveys which have been completed with these emojis

We started data collection today and have encountered this error :Error. Generic exception. Error.improperly formatted.

In the form, there is automatic calculation of scores, which are represented with coloured dots (emojis), which crate the error. I have deleted these emojis so the form work now but I still need to download the surveys which have been completed with these emojis. Could you please help me.

Thank you for your help.


Hell @rme_team,
As far as I know xou can still open and edit a finalised form, until you have sent it.

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@sirinej, could you provide more details on this, please (download the survey)?

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, but this would not work, since the emojis are part of the form,
if the score is bellow 7, there is a red dot, between 7 and 12, a yellow dot and above 12 a green dot, so it is part of the form. You cannot delete them by changing the answers, while editing.

Thank you for you answer. There are a total of maybe 100 surveys which have been completed with a form which contain emojis as explained above. I would need to download them since we cannot afford to lose the data or go back to the field to collect it again. These forms cannot be sent directly using the KoBo Collect app. I have tried to do it manually (with USB cable), but some still cannot be opened and the number and names of header/columns are different, which makes it difficult to group all the data in one matrix. What kind of information do you exactly need ?

@sirinej, have you gone through this support article Manually Uploading Submissions? It should help you upload your data from the app to the server manually.

Hi, yes I went through this document and tried it. It works to manually download it but it fails to upload it on KoBo. This means I therefore have 100 different documents (XLM) that I then have to merge together to have one single matrix for data analysis. Moreover, the matrix which is generated “manually” has a totally different format than the one downloaded from KoBo (not the same columns and rows and header) which makes it difficult to merge. Do you have a solution for this ? Many thanks for your help

@sirinej, could you share with the community a screenshot of the error message you get when you try to upload the data manually to the server?

{“message”: “Submission complete. Out of 2 survey instances, 0 were imported, (2 were rejected as duplicates, missing forms, etc.)”, “errors”: “2 [‘SHARP Form Uganda SCALA 2022_2_2022-11-08_15-36-19.xml => Duplicate Instance’, ‘SHARP Form Uganda SCALA 2022_2022-11-08_12-16-56.xml => reference to invalid character number: line 1, column 19027’]”}

The files fail to upload or to open on excel or Rstudio because of the emojis in the form. How can I manage to upload them onto the central server ?