I have received blank records upon submission of the public form

I have setup a kobo form with a few fields and have released the URL to public (Form URL Enketo Express for KoboToolbox) . All the fileds are configured to be mandatory and all validations are properly working as per my tests. It is impossible to submit the form without filling data in all fields. However while checking the data received, I could see quite a few blank records. In those records data against all fields are found to be blank. I was astonished to see such blank submissions and rechecked the form and ensured that the validations are proper. Still I got the blank submissions and I have no idea how it happened. It would be very helpful if anyone could provide information on how this happens and how it can be prevented. Thanks in advance.

Welcome back to the community, @nishad! A quick question …

  • Are you the admin of this project or is someone else the admin for this project?
  • Have you edited the submissions for this project?

I am not admin of the project.Edit not done after the submission

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@Kal_Lam pls suggest a solution…Thanks in advance.

Has there been any bulk edits on server level?
Do you see the data when you download them (with XLS header / values and all versions)?
Do these cases have metadata, e.g. _id, version, end, submission_time?
Which server do you use?

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@wroos Thanks for the reply

Attach sample xls file

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@wroos Deleted the attached file…Thanks

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.Would you mind to provide details, please, so, others may learn about it.

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@nishad, as outlined by @SherryShaw, your form could have multiple redeployed versions. Some versions could have an (unintended) skip, which could have skipped the question. Maybe try checking this out to see if this is your case.

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