I install kobo on digital ocean and select workstation

I need help how to run this URL on the web or how to access on digital ocean
URL: http://kf.kobo.local
User: super_admin

How to access this domain on the web browser?
super admin

You have to install as a server to access it over the internet. You also must have a domain for it

Thanks for your answer
I have already purchased a domain from godaddy
Can you help me how to add a domain in workstation Kobo?

Create subdomains kc, kf and ee. Point those to your server IP. Then start the kobotoolbox installation and choose server.

Can you make a video or give me some time when you are free I share the google meet link with you where i am wrong
i try but i am fail

Please post your error messages here, so that you can get help from the entire community and also add to the knowledge base.

i got this error