I need Help Begin Repeat and Trigger Function


I prepared a form for MHPSS group sessions. In this form, my main problem; i need to identify the client ID for each one and even when someone tries to edit the form, it should not change. So, I used the trigger function, but it works only first begin_repeat section. Where do you think the problem is?

Also, one more issue I have but it is not really necessary to solve this, I want to know which client attended which session. I used index_repeat but begin_repeat from begin_repeat doesn’t work. Do you have a suggestion?

The form must be really really basic cause we are working with volunteers :slight_smile:

a8dTkpWVdWoxdPijc8SuXx.xlsx (22.1 KB)

@muhammetburcu, could you kindly remove all the other variables from your XLSForm and then share only the variables that you need to test for your issue? Maybe doing so should help the community to address your issue promptly instead of having to understand all the other variables.