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You are the Information Management Specialist charged with overseeing the implementation of a Management Information System (MIS) in a few countries and must manage the communication between the country offices and the headquarters team, composed of system developers, including Android developers. In one of the implementation countries, registration data collection has begun using KoboToolbox where facial biometrics is also being collected. On the first day of data collection, your country focal point calls you as the enumerators are facing two issues when using the Kobo Toolbox:
a. Some enumerators are not finding the questionnaire on their devices.
b. Some enumerators are not able to capture facial biometrics.
. What steps will you take to troubleshoot and resolved the issues?

Welcome to the community, @opm_mahfuzu! Regarding your queries:

Could you also let the community know the mode of data collection (Collect android app or Enketo aka webform) you are using so that the community could get some clue on what might have happened?

@opm_mahfuzu, maybe you are using some external app for this. In this case, you will also need to see how the external app was configured with KoboToolbox.

Thank you , I am using Collect android app

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