I need to do almost 3,00,000 Households survey. Can KoBoToolbox handle this?

I need to do almost 3,00,000 Households survey. I planned to collect data to using Kobotoolbox. Data wil be collect 300 Data Collector with in 2.5 months.

Now i have some question.

  1. Is it save for me to collect these data in kobotoolbox?
  2. If yes, Which serves usefull for me?
  3. Is it possible to receive any help from you/ kobotoolbox technical team.
  4. Any one have a large scale data collection experiences in kobotoolbox.

Please give me your advice.

Welcome to the community, @ShuvoDataSpecialist! Regarding your queries:

Yes, it’s safe to use KoBoToolbox. There are many projects in KoBoToolbox which have managed almost a similar figure (and some even more) than what you have planned.

KoBoToolbox should be able to handle this figure in both servers. But maybe this support article Which Server Should I Use should be able to help you decide the correct one. But as 300000 should be a figure that exceeds the threshold, you may have to pay for exceeding the threshold. To be more clear on this, maybe you could reach our team at info@kobotoolbox.org.

Could you be specific with the support you intend?

I leave this to the community. Maybe the community should also be able to share some experiences with you.

Just to add on @Kal_Lam , From my experience kobotoolbox is able to handle large data, You just need to do proper load balancing, We had used kobotoolbox for data collection of more than 1.5M house hold, though it was self hosted on Google cloud server which was well load balanced

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