I need to rank the response of an individual

I am new for the system. I have created a question that allows multiple answer and i wanted to create follow-up question that use the answer from the previous question. (i.e. Example: 1. First question asks girls which contraceptive methods they use( Multiple answer allowed)? Then the second question will check/calculate the answer and select one method based on the effectiveness of the contraceptive method(i.e. If an individual selected both IUD and Implant - Based on their effectiveness the second question( Calculated) will display Implant. Thanks

Welcome to the community, @solomon2022! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

Thanks a lot for the support. I am afraid that my problem may not be resolved. This is the question I wanted to answer. We predetermined that the FP methods have difference in effectiveness therefore I wanted to pick the most effective method among the selected methods by the respondent. As I said, the respondent may select: IUD,Implant,Pill,Condom. But i want the system compare the FP methods list wrt effectiveness with the one the respondent answered and tell me that this respondent selected the method from our predetermined list. Thanks

@solomon2022, so if your FP methods have the following choices:

  • IUD
  • Implant
  • Pill
  • Condom

What does your effective method have? Is it the same as FP methods, or is it something different?

@Kal_Lam: Effective methods are FP methods-the same. These methods have their own effectiveness rank. I wanted my kobo tool to ask a participant - currently which method are being used from these four(4)- If they respond for instance 2 methods from the four; I want the system to compare the selected(2) methods with the predetermined effectiveness rank(generic) and display one most effective method selected by the respondent. (Example: We determined that IUD is most effective, then Implant, then Condom and finally pill. When we ask the respondent which methods are currently using and answered pill and condom- I want the to calculate and display only Condom because it is more effective than pills)

@solomon2022, do you have any weight for this?