I receive the responses as if it were a blank form

I have already raised my question in another publication but it could not be resolved.
I repeat with the same but this time I will be more specific.
The fact is that with the organization that I am working with we want to collect the data of the internal product of the state where I live. So our first option was to work with Kobotoolbox but since I’m new to the tool I still don’t know many things, below I describe the problems I’ve found:

1-I have done several test answers, the fact is that only the first 2 arrived with data, the rest came all blank. I have noticed this in the data section of the forms, I am not using any database at the moment, I only download in excel format. In this excel, the data of the empty answers that I commented before are not seen either

@metodologia, it’s always advised to split the issue into different posts if the issue you are trying to outline is different. At the moment I have done it for you.

Regarding this issue:

Can you see the missing data (that you say is missing when downloading the data as XLS format) under the DATA>Table View? Did you also try downloading your data in XLS (legacy) format?

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In this video that I share, we can see how at first there is absolutely no data, except for the first two answers (at the bottom of the list)… then we see answers to a mandatory question and then no data. Then at the end of everything the same headers are seen again but this time with the name of their variables as if the form were displayed twice, but it is in this part where the data is displayed, I am new to kobotoolbox, so no No I understand what this situation is due to.

here I share the video by googledrive: Here the Video