I tired all the ways from searching the google, i followed all the steps mentioned in all website still i am ending up with same error. please some one help with this

Welcome to the community, @kaphepatitis! Do you get this error message when you try to pull blank forms from the server?

yeah, when i try to get blank forms from my server it throws this error

what should i need to do? i tired the steps which was posted in this forum, but still it throws the same error message

Could you share with me the screenshot of your General Settings>Server from your KoBoCollect android app? Maybe we should be able to understand how you have configured your app.

This is the screenshot which you asked for.

The issue seems to be in your URL. Try replacing the URL with the following:


Also ensure that your Username and Password are correct. This configuration should solve your issue.

yeah thanks alot it worked now… thank you so much for your help.

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