I want to do a rotation between 2 groups of questions

Hi Team,

I am running a product test and want to do a rotation between 2 groups of questions.
Can someone help how to do that?

Eg : 1 screen should come Product B questions and 2nd respondent should see Product A 1st and Product B next…


Welcome to the community, @scene143! You could do the same as outlined in the post discussed previously:

I have created a series of options that require respondents to rate their level of agreement. These options are in a group. I want the system to be rotating the starting point for each questionnaire. How do I go about it?

Welcome @Impact123,
No standard option, as randomized appearance will not just inverse the choices, but mix them up.

As workaround, you could
duplicate each variable, create 2 inversed ranking lists, and do a duplicate combination for each inversed list. Then use a random filter variable to select which variable/list combination is used.

A disadvantage is that this will result in duplicate variable pairs, which you may need to combine, with an extra calculate variable or externally after data export.