I want to have a value for each questions and sum all the questions at the end

I designed a questionnaire on Kobo and the purpose of this questionnaire is to conduct an evaluation with several people, and I want there to be a mark on each question and the questionnaire consists of 10 questions, so that there is a final mark for each person:
There is a question, does he have a personal laptop?
And there are two options

  1. Yes
  2. No
    And I want to have the answer yes 1 mark is counted
    If the answer is no, 10 marks will be counted and the same
    And that this matter be applied to the questions, which numbered ten, and at the end of the questionnaire, he would show me a final mark

What i want from you is can you tell me the way in which i can do this feature

Hi @Abd.hamido2023 and welcome to the community!

This post by Kal should help you to create a form and adjust it to your needs:

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