I want to make my survey public so people can answer it without making an account or having an email

How do make my survey public now so people can answer without having an email or logged in? I am ansking a neighborhood questions and I want it to be 100% anonymous.

Welcome to the community, @rahlisa! You could do this by following our support article Collecting Data through Web Forms.

That does not help me. I do not understand it. Can you explain it in an easier way for me? I read through that already as I did research before.

I have a handicap ADHD so maybe that’s why.
I would really appreciate it.

@rahlisa, to be simple follow the following steps:

  • Design your project and then deploy it.
  • Share the project URL (web form) with your team as outlined in the support article shared above.

Your team should now be able to collect data and send it back to the server (your account) without having to create a separate user account for them.


I do NOT want my team to have access to anything. I am my own team. I am alone.
What I want is to share a set of questions with random strangers on the internet. I want to use it like Google Forms. I am planning on going to a location and asking private people on the street a set of questions about where they live, and if they do not have time at the spot I will give them this link to the the survey at home. That is the plan.

This is still possible with KoboToolbox using the Enketo web form. Just share the survey URL with the stranger. The stranger should be able to fill it up, and once they press the submit button, the form should land on your server.

Maybe to make the survey URL more memory friendly for you to remember, you could use the tiny URL to shorten it that has been described in one of our other posts:

Is Enketo web form sharing it like you described above? I tried sharing it to my other laptop and it urges me to create an account still.

Please go check in your Account settings inside your KoboToolbox account that you didn’t check “Require authentication to see forms and submit data” as you can see in this article Requiring passwords for accessing Enketo web forms

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