I want to retrieve a set of rows that match or intersect two columns in ArcGIS survey123 connect

In my survey form, I have a Test.csv table stored on media that contains the following columns (Objectid_key, fromGroup, fromType, toGroup, viaFeature, viaGroup, viaType).

I would like a form where I will select the values ​​for (fromGroup, fromType) and (toGroup, toType) then return the values ​​of the interception between the two previous columns (viaFeature, viaGroup, viaType).

I have attached file. How could I pulldata?

Edge.xlsx (61.3 KB)
Test.csv (3.1 KB)

Welcome to the community, @Euclides! Maybe the community would be able to help you out if you could share the XLSForm and the CSV file. Also please try to explain what is not working. These details should be helpful for the community.