I would like to generate id or code of my survey

Dear all,

I apologized if this post similar to another post in the previous. but I could not find a solution here.

this is my first time to build questionnaires on Kobo, so I have a lot question to ask. however i would like to create a generated code or id of my survey number as format (CAM-0001 ,CAM-0002. ect.)

so how what is the tool should i use it?

Thank you

Hi @csambomis, welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

There are some posts you can check to do create Unique id’s: If no one of those fit your needs, let us know :slight_smile:

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thank @hakan_cetinkaya for your quick reply. you calculated by using the fields in exist form. but I would need the text or number which is outside such as format CAM-0001
so it’s available?
Thank you

Hi @csambomis,

Do you think the way in this help article could work for you?


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@hakan_cetinkaya Thanks for your best, however I see your solution are it shown the in the note below the textbox.

mostly I want in the example attached file