ID info for usnername

Hi, Is there a way to identify a user from their username? I have a large project and one of the users sharing it is not one I can recall. I’d like to know who they are so I can decide if I need to keep then on the project.

@bobbowen, are you the project owner of which you see this username, you are now sure?

Hi Kai, Yes I am the owner of the project. The username that I can’t identify is xxxxxxx

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OK, one more question: did you assign the permission to the user, or did someone assign it? Have you provided manage permission level to someone else in your project?

Yes, I manage the project and assign permissions to that user, as well as ~15 other users, but the system does not allow me to see who that user is now. Somewhere I must have an email from the user who gave me their KBT username so I could add them to the project. I have been unable to find that email so far.

@bobbowen, you cannot view the user details like the email id of such accounts. You should, however, be able to remove the user account from the sharing if you feel like you do not know the user properly. Maybe the user should contact you back, and you should be able to assign the permission again.

OK, thanks for the info. It is what I expected.

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