Identify owner of a questionnaire using the questionnaire ID

Hi there!

Is it possible to “track” a questionnaire and identify who the “owner” server of a questionnaire is based on its ID?

I’m asking because I’m conducting a data collection and out of nothing appeared 3 copies of the same questionnaire among the list of available “blank questionnaires” (on tablet). I don’t understand where these three copies are coming from, since they do not appear in the list of questionnaires on my “owner” server. The server only contains the original questionnaire from which 3 copies were somehow made. We are only using one “owner” server for this project, so I don’t understand where these copies are coming from. When I disable access to the original questionnaire, the three copies still appear on the tablet.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @pmauclet,

Welcome to the community! If this is the case, would you try-out as outlined below:

  • Check the URL. It should be under General Settings>Server>URL
  • If you see the same is correct and still see 3 questionnaires in KoBoCollect while there is only 1 questionnaire in your server try deleting the Blank Forms. It should be under Delete Saved Form>Blank Forms. Sometimes the blank forms remains in KoBoCollect when you try to update the Blank Forms from the server.