Identify person who is submitting data

How to configure my form so I can identify which person submitted which form?

Welcome to the community, @jceliscar! Does your enumerator also have a KoboToolbox account? What would be the total number of enumerators for your data collection project?

Welcome @jceliscar,
Are you using Collect or Enketo?

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Thank you!
I am using Kobocollect.

Hi Kal_Lam! Thank you.
They don’t have KoboToolbox accounts. I will only have their phone or tablet parameterized so they can send me forms after they had filled them.

@jceliscar, the best option is to have a variable that should capture the names of the respondents. So with this, you should be able to see who all submitted the submissions to the server.

For Collect, you can also use the metadata username and deviceid. The username must be set in the app setting of her/his device and both variables must be referenced in the form. See Using Collect Settings - ODK Docs and Question Types - ODK Docs.

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